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  The Colinton Tunnel - preserving history and heritage

Is this the "longest" RLS poem ever?

"From a Railway Carriage" written along 140 metres of wall! 

16 lines of beautifully illustrated poetry linking to our history and heritage.

An enchanting mural in a Victorian railway tunnel, created to preserve local history and to make people smile - as Craig Hill's video shows!

 Here are two more cool videos, recently available on YouTube: 

Did you see us on STV's 6pm News in March 2020?


The Colinton Tunnel - preserving history and heritage

And here are links two edits (one long, one short) of a cool video by Javier Flowers - Gracias Javier!

Short clip here                                     Full video on YouTube here

Read the RLS poem:

 We are transforming a dark and scary tunnel into a safe and welcoming home for Scotland's largest historical mural, celebrating the industrial, social, artistic and literary history of our community. See FAQ page for directions to the tunnel.

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Thank you to everyone who has donated to the project - we really appreciate your generosity.  If you haven't donated yet, please consider doing so and don't forget that Gift Aid can add £12.50 to every £50 that you give.  See the "How can you help" link or just click the red button below to go to Virgin Money Giving:

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Our artists and their work, as they complete the last line of poetry

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Huge thanks go to our generous sponsors, who include lots of people in our local community and:

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We are also supported by a grant from the Virgin Money Foundation

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