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TV and radio coverage 

Laura Alderman from STV spent time with us in February, seeing Army families painting their contribution at Dreghorn Barracks and filming in the tunnel.  She also took a bike ride through and reminisced about how scary it was when she used to ride through as a child with her friends. it's a lovely piece and was broadcast on the STV News on 6th March 2020.  

Armed Forces TV and BFBS Radio's Jim Gellatly also recorded our work with Army families, who feature in Laura's report. 

We were delighted to have Hope Webb, from BBC Scotland, with us on Monday 11th November.  Her piece was broadcast on "The Nine" that evening and attracted lots of positive comments as well as over 100,000 views.  It's available on BBC iPlayer for a while, but there are other versions available, including this short edit: BBC Scotland, "The Nine", 11.11.19.

Money and more - we're getting there but please help us to finish!

Fundraising is still a major priority for us, to ensure that our ambitious plans are achieved. Thanks to some recent generous donations, we're now two-thirds of the way to our target of £100,000, but have now painted more than 75% of the mural.  Big thanks go to local residents, who continue to make generous individual donations (many using the Government's Gift Aid scheme to boost their donation by 25%).  Overall, local people are in our top two in terms of funding.  We are also hugely grateful to Sustarns, who recently awarded us a further grant of £5,000 to take us towards completion.   Thanks also to the Armed Forces Covenant, as well as to the Virgin Money Foundation, Currie, Balerno & District Round Table (CBDRT), City of Edinburgh Council (Community Grants Fund), The Mushroom Trust, the Educational Institute of Scotland Arts Fund, Cruden's, the Currie and Balerno News, the Co-op, and our other funders.  Keep it coming!  Please also let us know if you become aware of any grants, trust funds or corporate donors that might support us.

Opportunities exist for individuals, families, businesses and companies to sponsor elements of the mural or to create personal memorials.  If you wish to sponsor the mural please emauil us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  For now, here's the big red button again for individual donations:

Make a donation using Virgin Money GivingGoing like a steam train!

You will have seen more progress at the end of February, despite the cold weather. Our professional street artists were back, writing two more lines of the poem that forms the core of the mural.  There's also the work that was done by Army families in January, which is now on the walls  The crowd, waiting for the train at the Slateford end of the tunnel, is also growing.  Have you seen the flowers, insects and small animals that are now also appearing - and you can't miss the huge rainbow - visible from both ends of the tunnel.

We're planning to catch the two missing bits and complete more lines of poetry and illustration when the Coronavirus situation allows us. We squeezed in our final school residency, at Juniper Green Primary School (JGPS), the week before lock-down began.  Over 100 young poeople created their distinctive contribution in a great week with Chris and Lubi, and we even sent work home to some who were self-isolating.  It's great to have JGPS involved and their work will be on the walls as soon as it’s safe.

The huge wall at the Slateford end has attracted lots of attention since the Balerno Pug was painted, emerging from the tunnel as it approaches Colinton from Princes Street Station.  The waiting passengers are now gathering and more will join them very soon.  The 3D effect is really striking! We plan to complete the crowd As soon as COVID19 restrictions permit.

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The whole project is being carried out by a multi-skilled team of muralists led by Edinburgh-based Chris Rutterford.  They are being helped by  young people and other volunteers from throughout our community - see "Community" further down this page. The design concept, based on a short poem by Robert Louis Stevenson, is hugely exciting and stimulating.  It is a visual description of the delight of a child's rail journey, which also links to various elements of Colinton's history.

The detailed design and more of the panels were shown to more than 300 people in two exhibitions and details were given in publications that reached more than 6,000 residents of local communities.   LED lighting, completed in June, has transformed the tunnel, makes it feel much safer for users and shows the mural to maximum effect.

We work on sections of the mural as funds permit, so please give generously to help us finish Scotlands largest and most striking heritage mural.  You can give electronically, either direct to our bank account (see our Giving page).  Alternatively, just click the big red button below to go directly to our Virgin Money Giving page.  Thank you!Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving



Community engagement is hugely important to us.  Nearly 600 young people from five local schools and various youth groups have already been involved with the project, as well as members of the Pentlands Art Club.  Magic!   The brilliant idea is that, by using marine plywood boards, we take the mural to the community - rather than everyone having to come to the tunnel.  That approach also enables us to address problems with the few remaining wet areas inside the tunnel, another big benefit.  Tiphereth's mighty "Peregrine" group have reached the end of their brilliant surface preparation work - thank you!  Thanks also to SAMH Redhall Walled Garden, the Water of Leith Conservation Trust volunteers, Sustrans volunteers and the mighty men of Boroughmuir Rugby Club for helping with surface preparation and associated work.  You may also have spotted the stunning new dry-stone bench, commissioned by the Colinton Amenity Association and built by SE Scotland Drystone Walling Association.  That forms part of a wider package of measures, including wildflower planting, that are part of the local organisations' collective plan to bring visitors to enjoy Colinton.  It's already working!

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