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Here's a time progression, from before we started to where we are now.

We'll keep adding to it as we move forward.  Enjoy!

In the beginning men at work lo     In the beginning men at work lo

The first bit undercoated lo     The first bit undercoated lo

facebook 1571995765876 lo     facebook 1571995765876 lo

Wall alternative view lo  Wall with crowd and train lo

Wall closer view of crowd lo  And here is a mill text lo

2019 07 18 201225 smaller lo   2019 07 18 201225 smaller lo

Team photo lo

And here is a mill text lo  Lumping along text lo

Another wide view from inside tunnel lo  8 Colinton primarys panels lo  

Two girls doing homework lo   Here is a cart text lo

  Here is a tramp text lo  Chris and Rona lo

Here is the child text lo  All by himself text lo

Bonaly Primary  Bonaly Primary

painted stations lo  Firrhills section lo

Team photo lo  Bryce Morrison image 1

CTP Rutterford 131119 01 75424624 777871439330094 6593003605152759808 n

 2020 02 23 134036  2020 02 23 134115

2020 02 23 134137  Abutment new section

2020 06 05 111738  2020 06 05 111704

Lubi Lykan models the new wings  All the sights 1

and there is the green wider view  The War poets

Eddie Banks with wings         Deif dug

FB IMG 1596530189438       FB IMG 1596530180130

FB IMG 1596530168343    FB IMG 1596530156009

FB IMG 1596530142083                 August 2020 last four lines

IMG 1324  IMG 1328

image4  image6

image7  image13

IMG 1271   IMG 1282